Since 2000, KAJA circle has produced cause-related short films and music videos.

Since its inception, KAJA circle has also provided solutions for the development and implementation of interactive media including web sites, Intranets, interactive applications and graphic user interfaces.

Virtual Agency

KAJA circle was formed with a specific focus on the design of New Media projects and the development of interactive content. Our search for the simplicity and elegance in every design separates us from the competition. With a history rooted in architecture, animation and multimedia, KAJA circle designs for a wide variety of project types from corporate identity and interface design to digital video and streaming media.

As a virtual agency, KAJA circle benefits from an unprecedented degree of flexibility. Clients benefit from the ability to customize the working relationship to best suit their needs. KAJA circle prides itself on providing the highest quality of work, quick turnaround times and the agility to make changes swiftly and without undue expense. While all clients profit from senior level design and project management, the inherent economy of not maintaining a full-time staff results in lower costs and the ability to marry a project’s needs with precisely the appropriate expertise.

The goal of KAJA circle is to provide all of the appropriate creative and technical skill sets for the design and development of new media projects. By tapping the expertise of a network of individuals and small companies that work as a unified team, KAJA circle provides an optimized approach to creating online solutions. Our core services include the design and development of the items such as: web sites, intranets, graphic user interfaces, interactive applications, streaming media, digital video production and post-production, branding, graphic design, advertising design and print design.

Our Approach

Each project begins with a requirements analysis that, through a series of interviews and system evaluations, results in a detailed blueprint for the design and development of the work. This process is as in depth as the scope of the project warrants. Each element of the project is then presented in an a la carte-style estimate for the client’s review.

A team is assembled based on the creative, technical and promotional needs of the project. This group is comprised of seasoned professionals who are not only experienced in the latest developments within their field, but also have extensive experience working as a virtual team on a wide variety of project types. Whether your project is simple or requires advanced interactivity or sophisticated custom application development, the appropriate methodology and staffing will be customized to match your goals.

KAJA circle serves as the overall project manager and acts as a general contractor for single-point of contact ease throughout the entire process. Thus, it is possible to provide specific solutions to a wide variety of applications while keeping overhead to a minimum. These savings are passed directly to the client.